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I am researching family names of ASH, WILSON, BRYAN, HOLT, PROSE, LOWE, BISHOP and MARBURGER.

I am also seeking more information on John Wilson of Londonderry, Ireland (about 1680) and his descendants. Surnames include Brackenridge, Bryan, Clark, Core, Davis, Denny, Erdman, Finch, Gaston, Grizzle, Guthrie, Henderson, Holt, Horn, Howlett, Imlay, Scott, Taylor, Wilson, and Wray.

Lowe ancestors were in Kentucky in early 1800s, probably migrating from North Carolina. Looking for information on Thomas Lowe and Ezra Lowe.

I need information of Zephaniah Bryan, born in 1808 in Butler County, Pennsylvania and died in 1886 in Fayette County, Ohio. I am seeking information on his parents, Thomas and Margaret. (Are they descended from Thomas Bryant?)

E-mail me at ash 2240e @ yahoo. com [no spaces]

Mary Lowe Ash
2240E 300N
Peru, IN 46970

Genealogy Reports
Click on the titles below to view genealogy reports.  An index of individuals is at the end of each report. The following reports are my major genealogy works.  On the following page are genealogy reports of some of the maternal lines of our families.
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Descendants of Wilhelm Esch/Ash     (pdf)
(Updated January 22, 2013)

Wilhelm Esch was the great-grandfather of our immigrant
ancestor, Johan Henrich Esch who was born  October 27, 1730
in Blessenbach, Hessen-Nassau, Preussen, Germany;  Henry
Ash's father was Johan Heinrich Mathias Esch, and his
mother, Anna Maria Kroh.  Henry Ash had other siblings
who settled in America.  Two brothers, Adam Esch/Ash and Johan
Wilhelm William Esch/Ash are the better known.  Adam settled in
Virginia and William in New York.  For more details on Adam's
descendants, go to

Descendants of John Holt/Holte   (pdf)
Although I have not proven that John Holt, and
subsequently, his son, Robert Holt are the parents
of our immigrant ancestors Richard Holt and Margaret
Plunkett.  Holts were in Old Rappahannock
County, VA and St. Mary's, MD in the early 1600s.
If we are related to Robert in St. Mary's, he certain-
ly has a colorful history recorded in the Maryland
To read my commentary on Robert Holt, read my
Timeline for Robert Holt and the Holt Mystery.

Descendants of John Hugh Wilson     (pdf)
Early settlers of Londonderry comprised many who
remained but a short time and moved on to new
plantations.  In July and August, 1718, from five to
seven hundred Protestant immigrants from Ireland
entered the Port of Boston.  Several followers of the
Rev. Mr. McGregor set out early in autumn for
Andover where they spent the winter. In 1719 there
were seventy families at Nutfield, Mass. though not
all of Scotch-Irish connection.  Wilsons that were on
ROBERT WILSON.  The immigrants were given a
10 mile square tract of land for a town of their own.

Descendants of Thomas Lowe  
Ezra Morrison Lowe (1806-1885) and Sarah Oliver
moved from Kentucky to Vigo County, IN.  It is be-
lieved his father was Thomas M. Lowe (abt. 1775-
1848) and Elizabeth Betsy Mason.  It is believed that
Thomas moved to Kentucky from North Carolina.
To see all the ancestors of Kenneth R. Lowe, b. 1912,
click the following to see Mott, Fleming, Hazen, Baker,
Dean and more in pdf form:   Ancestors of Kenneth R. Lowe
(Updated January 22, 2013)

Ancestors of Ruth Lucile Bryan   (pdf)
Our oldest proven Bryan relative was Zephaniah
Bryan, 1752-1838, and Elizabeth DeVorce of
Maryland and Pennsylvania. He was a revolutionary
soldier, and helped defend Fort Moultrie from the
attack of the British at Charleston, S.C.
(Updated January 22, 2013)

Descendants of David Wickline  (pdf)

Abraham Ash
Abraham Ash, 1801-1877
Thomas J. Holt 1864-1908
Mary Elizabeth Prose 1863-1937
Isaac Crothers Wilson 1820-1902
Sons of Ezra Lowe
Sons of Ezra Lowe and Sarah Oliver: William (1834-1919), Isaac, Joseph
Zephaniah Bryan, 1808-1886
Family Photos

Hannah Logue Ash (1819-1904)
Hannah was the second wife of Abraham Ash.  She died in Barton County, Missouri.

Abraham Ash (Jr.) (1801-1874)
Grandson of Henry Esch/Ash, Abraham and Hannah lived in Miami County Indiana from 1852 to 1869, when they moved to Missouri.

Grave of Abraham Ash (Jr.) (1801-1874)
Abraham was a grandson of Henry Esch/Ash.  He is buried in Bethlehem Cemetery,
Dade County, Missouri.

Grave of Catherine Coontz Ash, b. 1784
Catherine was the second wife of Abraham (Sr.).  Their graves are in Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

Grave of Abraham Ash (Sr.) 1763-1833
Abraham, his second wife, Catherine Coontz, and their daughter, Eliza, are buried in this small plot.

Flora Altheo Ash Wickerham 1911-2008 Obituary
Daughter of William James Ash, great-grandaughter of Abraham Ash, Jr.

Allie Wilson Ash 1921-2010 Obituary
Son of Harry Hubert Ash, who was a great-grandson of Abraham Ash, Jr.

Milton (Dick) and Mary Ash, Peru, Indiana
Dick is a fourth great-grandson of Henry Esch/Ash.

 Amy Ash Snyder
Amy is daughter of Mary and Dick.

Zachary Ash Snyder and sister, Ava Elise Snyder
Grandchildren of Dick and Mary Ash, 2017

More Ash Photos

Sons of Ezra Morrison Lowe (1806-1885) and Sarah Oliver
William Morrison Lowe (1834-1919), Isaac Oliver Lowe (1839-1918), and Joseph W. Lowe (1849-1821)

Sarah Oliver Lowe (1814-1891) daughter of Isaac Oliver and Sarah Fagg, wife of Ezra.

William Morrison Lowe and Sarah Ann Dean (1837-1917)

Ennis (N.S.) Lowe 1870-1952, and children Lawrence, Ova, and Goldie, in Terre Haute, Indiana

Lawrence Odel Lowe (1895-1959) and Dorothy Cecil Mott (1803-1967)

Kenneth Raymond Lowe (1912-2001), son of Lawrence and Dorothy Mott Lowe

Kenneth Lowe, father Lawrence, and brother Oakley Lowe